Why Panties?

In the US, Uganda, and around the world, the ability to manage menstruation creates lifelong opportunity—panties make it possible.


While pads have become more accessible in the developing world, panties have not. Without panties to hold pads in place, over 8 million girls in Sub-Saharan Africa miss up to one week of school every month. Many girls drop out entirely once they start their period.


With access to education, employment and economic contribution follows. According to UNICEF, menstrual hygiene interventions decrease a girl’s risk of experiencing gender based violence and child marriage while increasing her chances of future employability.

Equal Opportunity

Being in education acts as a powerful protective factor against child marriage, teenage pregnancy, sexual violence, nutritional deficiency and exposure to HIV/AIDS, as well as as well as a route to empowerment for girls to determine their own destiny.

Education, employment, equal opportunity—that’s the possibility of just one pair.

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How It Works

Khana manufactures the panties we give in Uganda to create jobs and contribute to economic sustainability. Then, in partnership with an organization called Days for Girls, our panties are distributed in period kits. These kits include 2 pairs of Khana panties, 8 Days for Girls washable pads, menstruation education, and more.

$1 = Cost of manufacturing 1 panty in Uganda

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Since Khana's launch in October 2018

3,000 panties have been manufactured for 1,500 girls.

The generosity of people like you has changed the life of girls like Maureen.

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