Steph Shep's 30th Birthday

For my 30th birthday I am asking for 30,000 panties.

Yes, you read that right. Next month I’m going to Uganda to work with Khana, a nonprofit on a mission to ensure every girl has the panties she needs to manage menstruation and stay in school.


In Uganda, 1 out of 2 girls report missing school every month because of her period.

While cultural taboos restrict the use of menstrual cups and tampons, pads remain the most appropriate period product. Unfortunately, many girls in Uganda don’t have panties. 

Without panties to hold pads in place, girls will continue missing school and eventually drop out altogether. Could something as simple as a panty keep girls in school? Yes


For Maureen, panties made education possible. Growing up in rural Uganda, Maureen couldn’t afford panties to hold pads in place.

Because of her inability to manage menstruation, Maureen missed several days of school every month. Eventually, she fell so far behind she was forced to drop out of school for 7 years. Today Maureen is back in school with the Days for Girls washable pads and Khana panties she needs to continue her education! 

Thanks to Khana’s local manufacturing, a panty doesn’t just benefit Maureen, it also benefits her economy and community. Did I mention it costs just $1 to give a girl a Khana panty?


In order to give 30,000 panties for my 30th birthday, I need your help. More specifically, I need $1. Before you hastily close your browser, let’s take a look at the facts.


With panties to hold pads in place, girls are better equipped to manage menstruation and stay in school. Once educated, their chances of future employment and equal opportunity increase. Education, employment, equal opportunity—that’s the possibility of just $1.


Now that I’m a little older and *a lot* wiser, I understand that access to education is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever been given and a right we all deserve. 

Together, for my 30th birthday, you and I can ensure girls like Maureen have the panties they need to manage menstruation and stay in school. 

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Steph Shep